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  1. I have many question regarding house breaking a Lab Puppy. Over my 41 years of experience I have a great process that works. If you go with my directions, most lab puppies will be house broke to an advanced degree with three to four weeks.
    Assuming your puppy is 8 weeks of age. Your puppy can physically hold / control itself for approximately two hours. Keep that in mind..
    I start my puppies with a strict crate training regiment. If I can’t watch them they are in the crate. Now you need to come up with a specific potty spot, and during the beginning of their training take them to that spot every time. During the initial training I keep the puppy when they are out of the crate, where I can observe them. Keep in mind they can be sneaky, so make sure you pay close attention.
    Taking them to their potty spot:
    1. When the puppy is removed from the crate, for whatever reason,
    2. After they are fed or watered.
    3. Every two hours, and yes regardless of time. So during the night.
    4. Whenever the puppy shows indications. You will learn your puppies body language quickly.

    Remember when the puppy does their job praise them a lot. Don’t take them immediately and put them back in the crate. Play with them for a few minutes, even during the night. I recommend some retrieves, but any play will work. It only has to be for a few minutes.
    Now there is light in the tunnel regarding the two hour routine. Most lab puppies can be advanced an hour every week. Example: at 9 weeks they should be good for 3 hours, at 10 weeks 4 hours, and so on.
    Important…. For learning, the best time is when the puppy is indicating they have to go potty. Every puppy is different, like I said you will quickly learn their body language. Grab the puppy and tell them in a gruff voice, No, No, and take them to their specific spot. The second best time is when the puppy is in the process of potting. Grab a paper towel through it under them, tell them NO, NO in a gruff voice and take them to their spot. The third best is within 15 seconds of them making a mess on the floor. Immediately, tell them No, No and take them to their spot, . They may not go, but still take them. Now if it’s after 15 seconds of the puppy making a mess, they will not remember. Clean the mess and move on.

    Please feel free to ask question or share idea’s. My method does work, but I’m sure there is other workable methods. The best trainings are always learning….

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