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Punk Hollow Labradors – Home

Punk Hollow Kennel,  established by Nick Portentoso a retired Fostoria Police Officer.  Nick is a Master Dog Trainer. Also, Nick has been that has been breeding the Labrador Retriever for 41 years. Punk Hollow Kennel started as a small family business, driven by their love of God and Country.  We follow the Golden Rules.  Treat others as we wish to be treated.

Currently, Punk Hollow Labrador Retriever is owned by a father and son, with a strong sense of public service. The founder, Nicholas Portentoso, is a retired police officer. His son, Dana Portentoso, is an Air Force Veteran with 11 years of service, 6 of them Active Duty. Dana is currently serving with the 910th SFS in Youngstown, Ohio.  In addition, he serves the City of Sandusky as a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Nothing brings us more joy than providing a family with a happy, healthy, Labrador Retriever Puppy that we know will grow up in a loving home and provide its owners with years of joy. One of the greatest things about our labs is the versatility of the breed. Also, our focus has always been on producing champion Gun dogs. Furthermore, our labs have gone on to be:  Water dogs, flushing dogs, pointing dogs, retrieving dogs, upland hunting dogs, waterfowl hunting dogs, dock jumpers, blood trackers, shed finders, deer dogs, therapy dogs, Wounded Warrior dogs, drug detection dogs, bomb detection dogs, and family pets.

Punk Hollow Labrador Retriever
Sarg pheasant hunting and retrieving a pheasant

Our goal is simple: We love our labs and strive to perfect the Labrador Retriever breed. In addition, we use sound breeding practices, and careful pedigree selection.  Additionally, we use DNA testing, medical screening, and competition. Finally, staying within the bred standards.  

AKC Breed Standards


UKC Breed Standards