Question:  What is the difference between Limited and Full Registration ?

Answer:  Breeding rights is the difference.  Either way you will receive AKC papers indicating the puppy is pure bred.  Limited Registration you don’t have breeding rights. Full Registration you have breeding rights.

Question:  If I start off with Limited Registration, and later decide to breed can I change to Full Registration?

Answer:  Yes but with some guidelines.  We require you to have your Labs hip and elbows certified.  In addition, you will be required to have DNA screening done (Labrador Retriever full panel), with clear results.  We recommend Paw Prints Genetics as your DNA testing site.  Finally, you will have to pay the $200 fee.

Question: Does Hunting lines in Labs make good pets?

Answer:  Absolutely,  All Labs have original hunting lines.  Labs were originally bred to be hunters.  The great thing about a Lab is their ability to be versible.  Besides, when Labs are used for hunting, they must be intelligent, trainable and a team player.  Exactly, the same qualities for a family pet.

Question:  How many time per year do you breed your females?

Answer:  Normally we breed our females only (1) once per year.

Question:  How do I make a deposit ?

Answer: Deposits are $200.00.  Deposits can be personal checks, money orders or cash.  We don’t accept Credit Card payments.  Prior to sending a deposit you MUST call us first, 419 939-3192.